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Smokey Gorgeousness in Casual Everyday Elegance (FL293)

Smokey Gorgeousness in Casual Everyday Elegance (FL293)

SKU: FL293

Smokey gorgeousness in different shapes and sizes of smokey quartz with unique coffee druzy and more smokey quartz enhancer (removable) pendant. Beautiful, clear, natural reflection of a classic neutral color of gem.  Cool to the touch everyday charm and elegance. 


High quality faceted stones along with rare unique pillow cut gems reflect the golden light and sparkles with hints of red, blue and yellow. 20 inches of gems secured by designer sterling silver leaf clasp.  Magnificent druzy and smokey quartz enhancer pendant adds the final touch.


This ensemble is so versatile that you can be your own designer. Wear the stunning necklace alone, with the pendant or put it on another chain or ribbon.

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